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DRFS – Ferry Service for NatureCon 2022

DR Ferry Services (DRFS) is an official collaborator of NatureCon 2022. We are proud to support this convention by contributing a ferry service for all people who love to travel in a relaxed way.

DR Ferry Service is an official collaborator of NatureCon 2022

United by the shared love for nature, related communities joined forces to celebrate and present NatureCon 2022, taking place at the SL event regions of Ruthenium and Osmium on August 18-31, featuring live performances, nature activities and events, community booths, and more.

DRFS as an official collaborator will provide a ferry shuttle service between Bellisseria and Sansara. The ferry shuttles between Utopia Point, Norse Auk, Osmium NatureCon site, Axel Harbor, Osmium NatureCon site, Port Scandium and back to Utopia Point.

On Mondays through Fridays, NatureCon can be reached once a day from Bellisseria Fairgrounds. There will be three feeder trips from Bellisseria Fairgrounds on Saturdays and two on Sundays.

For this service a brandnew ferry will be used. DRFS 22-111 Bellisseria Shuttle will carry the passengers. The ferry is a Hunter LC01 and has been prepared with a special design for the NatureCon service.

All passengers can get their tickets on board from the captain or a DRFS board at the Osmium dock. The ticket is valid for unlimited tours during the convention. BBB and CPCB passport holders can collect a rare stamp from the ferry captain’s personal tablet computer.

Of course all ferry services are free for everybody.

The exact departure times can be found in the NatureCon ferry schedule.

Landmark tickets to the departure ports can be drawn from the ticket vending machine in our DRFS Travel Centre in Millers Pond (Bellisseria). You can find the travel centre here: DRFS Travel Centre.

Departure ports are:

Bellisseria Fairgrounds
Utopia Point
Norse Auk Lighthouse
Osmium NatureCon Ferry Dock
Axel Harbor & Airport
Port Scandium

NatureCon 2022 is produced by Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto, two community-minded residents with a background in community management and event planning. Featured on Lab Gab, the pair find joy in bringing unique experiences to the grid, and work with various organizations to promote travel on the Mainland and in Bellisseria. Soul’s work can be seen through her luxury Mainland experiences site, Yukiko’s work can be seen through her Mainland tours site,


By draynier

Dariah Raynier, resident in the virtual word of Second Life since 2011.

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